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Water Bottle

Graphically-designed, 20 oz, stainless steel, BPA-free, double-walled and vacuum insulated bottle featuring a QR code. Limited Supply Remaining, Order Now!

Water Bottle w/ Carabiner

Graphically-designed 20 oz stainless steel BPA-free bottle featuring fun water use facts, with Alliance for Water Efficiency Carabiner for easy transportation.  Note: image not necessarily to scale. Limited Supply Remaining, Order Now!


3" AWE Carabiner w/ 2" strap and 1" split ring.

Blue Revolution: Unmaking America's Water Crisis

Award-winning journalist Cynthia Barnett reports on the many ways one of the most water-rich nations on the planet has squandered its way to scarcity, arguing that the best solution is also the simplest and least expensive: a water ethic for America.

Donate to the Alliance for Water Efficiency

Tax deductible donation in the amount you choose to help support the efficient and sustainable use of water in North America.